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demean v : reduce in worth or character, usually verbally; "She tends to put down younger women colleagues"; "His critics took him down after the lecture" [syn: take down, degrade, disgrace, put down]

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  1. demesne.
  2. resources; means.
  3. Management; treatment.
  4. Behavior; conduct; bearing; demeanor.


  1. To manage; to conduct; to treat.
  2. To conduct; to behave; to comport; -- followed by the reflexive pronoun.
  3. To debase; to lower; to degrade; -- followed by the reflexive pronoun.

Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

abase, abash, acquit, act, bear, belittle, bring down, bring low, carry, cast down, comport, conduct, contemn, crush, debase, decry, degrade, deport, derogate, despise, detract, diminish, disparage, dump, dump on, go on, humiliate, lower, put down, quit, reduce, scorn, set down, sink, take down, trip up
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